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Review of the Washington Wildlife
and Recreation Program

The Legislature directed RCO to review the Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program (WWRP). Specifically, the Legislature asked RCO to review:
  • Analyze the program design, including criteria, and information and coordination required for projects to proceed through the selection processes.

  • Evaluate the allocation categories and percentages to determine how WWRP balances statewide needs, including its effectiveness in assessing and serving the needs of smaller and traditionally underserved populations and communities with lower per-capita income levels.

  • Evaluate the ability of the public to access program - funded projects must be considered, as well as support for projects and landscapes with multiple values.

  • Examine how state agencies acquire or manage habitat land through the program, such as through gifts, mitigation, direct negotiation with landowners, from land trusts and other nongovernmental organizations, easements, and other pathways. Analyze both advantages and disadvantages of all approaches, including purchase and stewardship costs, timing of land availability compared to funding availability, and alternatives to state ownership, such as long-term management by non-state agencies and conservation without buying the land.

Final Report

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Wendy Brown