The Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program Forestland Preservation Advisory Committee evaluates grant proposals for projects that acquire development rights on forestland and ensure the land remains available for forestry in the future.

The committee meets several times a year to advise the Recreation and Conservation Funding Board on which projects to fund.


  • Live in Washington
  • Are interested in public policy
  • Enjoy seeking creative solutions and appreciate other perspectives
  • Have experience with forest management or small forest landowning

Time Commitment

  • 2-4 full days of virtual meetings every other summer (even years)
  • Policy feedback time commitment varies


  • RCO will provide the training needed to evaluate grants
  • Stipends are available to eligible committee members

Committee Members

Local Agency and Nonprofit Members

  • Arno Bergstrom, Kitsap County, Port Orchard
  • Joe Kane, Nisqually Land Trust, Olympia
  • Jay McLaughlin, Mount Adams Resource Stewards, Glenwood
  • Mark Ferry, Aberdeen, Quinault Indian Nation Division of Natural Resources

State Agency Members

  • Mike Kuttle Jr., Department of Fish and Wildlife, Spokane
  • Mary McDonald, Department of Natural Resources, Olympia

Forest Landowner and Citizen Members

  • Jeff DeBell, Olympia
  • Gretchen Lech, Hancock Forest Management, Coeur d’Alene
  • Sue Wright, Vancouver


  • Small forest landowners, forest managers, or private company representatives
  • Nonprofit representatives
  • Local agency representatives

Term Length

4 years

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