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Interactive Maps

Visit the data page to see a list of downloadable data.

Boating Maps

Links to the web-based app Find out where to launch a boat or tie up for a weekend with our free Washington Water Cruiser interactive map. The app maps all state-owned boat launches and moorage sites open to the public, along with amenities for boaters at each site.

Trails Map

Links to the Washington state trails map

The first statewide trails database represents nearly 12,000 miles of trails data collected from federal, state, and local agencies.Check out the map!

Learn more about the Washington State Trails Database Project.

Recreation Options for People with Disabilities

Links to the Mapped Inverntory Map

Washington State Parks Map

This interactive map helps people with disabilities find Washington state parks with features important to them. The map features more than 60 state parks and will be updated as more Americans with Disabilities Act facilities and features become available.

Outdoor Recreation and Conservation Land and Facilities Inventory

Links to the Mapped Inverntory Map

This map can help planners, land managers, and others identify the types of assets that exist and plan for new opportunities. The inventory is a work in progress and is not comprehensive.


Grant Application Data Tool

Links to the Grant Application Data Tool Map This data tool provides information on population demographics and health indicators for applicants developing grant proposals for the Aquatic Lands Enhancement Account program, Land and Water Conservation Fund program, and Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program.

Level of Service Analysis

Links to the Level of Service Analysis Map This map shows an analysis of the geographic distribution of parks, trails, and natural lands across the state. The information is a tool for considering the number and types of recreation opportunities at a neighborhood or regional scale.

Public Lands Inventory

Links to the Public Lands Inverntory Map The Public Lands Inventory is an interactive map of natural resource and recreation lands in Washington owned by federal, state, and local governments. For more information about this application and to download map data, please see our data page.

WA Invasives App

Washington Invasive Species App logo Submit invasive species sighting reports directly to Washington Invasive Species Council staff and technical experts. Approved sightings will be viewable directly through the app's mapping tool. Learn more about invasive species.

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Habitat Work Schedule Map

Links to the Habitat Work Schedule map

Tracking salmon recovery in Washington State

See salmon recovery projects happening around the state through the Habitat Work Schedule. The Habitat Work Schedule is a comprehensive, online database that displays information on salmon recovery actions and goals.

Aquatic Lands Enhancement Account (ALEA) Interactive Story Map

Links to the Aquatic Lands Enhancement map

Check out the most recent projects and the history of funding for ALEA

This interactive map is best viewed using a screen size of 15" or larger.


Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program (WWRP) Interactive Story Map

Links to the WWRP story map

Check out the most recent projects and the history of funding for WWRP

This interactive map is best viewed using a screen size of 15" or larger.

Match Reduction Mapping Tool

Links to the Match Reduction Mapping Tool

Underserved Populations

A city, town, tribe, or special purpose district with a median household income less than tthe state median household income, and a project in a census block group where the median household income is less than 70 percent of the state median household income.

Contact a Salmon Grants Manager

Links to the salmon recovery grants manager assignment map

Find a salmon recovery grants manager in your area using this interactive map.

Salmon recovery grants manager contact map

Find out more about salmon recovery grants.

Find a Lead Entity or Salmon Recovery Region Coordinator

Links to the lead entity contact map

Find the contact person for a salmon recovery region or lead entity area.

Salmon Recovery Region/Lead Entity contact map

Find out more about lead entities.
The Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office (RCO) provides these geographic data "as is." RCO makes no guarantee or warranty concerning the accuracy of information contained in the geographic data. Further, RCO makes no warranty of fitness for a particular purpose, no representation as to the quality of any data, and assumes no liability for the data represented here. These data should be used cautiously because they are not exhaustive, and are subject to change. The RCO does not restrict the use of this data, except that it may not be copyrighted.