The City of Bremerton used a grant to renovate its 2.5-acre Manette Neighborhood Park, which has the city’s only public, lighted, grass, youth soccer field.

The park was rundown and had cracked tennis courts, a substandard basketball pad, and a 1940s restroom that was not accessible by people with disabilities and prone to failure during events. The park was surrounded by weathered, chain link fence up to 25 feet tall and had several elevation changes without ramps and pathways. No part of the park was accessible by people using wheelchairs.

The City developed walking paths throughout the park and built a multi-use sports court, restroom, and off-street parking for people with disabilities. The City also renovated the playfield with new energy-efficient light poles located farther from the field of play, which provides better coverage and spills less light into the neighborhood.

The Manette Neighborhood Coalition, Bremerton Soccer Club, and other individuals and community groups donated to the project.

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