The Department of Fish and Wildlife used a grant to buy 150 acres to expand its 277-acre Reardan Audubon Lake Wildlife Area, north of Reardan and 20 miles from Spokane.

The department also built a parking lot and worked with students from Reardan High School to build a kiosk there.

This special land is used by more than 125 species of birds and is their last stop during spring migration to Canada.

In addition to birds, many animals use the land, including many at-risk of extinction. The land hosts 11 priority habitat species, 5 state candidate species, 2 federal candidate species, and 5 Department of Fish and Wildlife habitat types or elements of special concern.

The land contains prairies with small mounds and shallow dips that fill with water in the spring and dry out in the summer. It also includes, Mima mounds, several large permanent ponds, and shoreline forests.

The headwaters of Crab Creek, which is a Columbia River tributary, and Deep Creek, which is a Spokane River tributary, flow across the land.

The department is partnering with Inland Northwest Land Trust, Spokane Audubon, Ducks Unlimited, and the City of Reardan to cooperatively preserve and develop this unique wildlife viewing site.

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