Proposed Rule and Policy Changes

Recreation and Conservation Funding Board

Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship

Update (Nov. 27,2019): RCO staff is requesting public comments on the draft revisions to the Sustainability Evaluation Criterion below.

Please e-mail comments to Ben Donatelle by December 15, 2019.

The Recreation and Conservation Funding Board is assessing options for revising the Sustainability and Environmental Stewardship evaluation criterion for its grant programs.

The criteria questions are used when evaluating grant proposals in the following programs:

  • Boating Facilities Program
  • Land and Water Conservation Fund
  • Non-highway Off-road Vehicles Activities
  • Recreational Trails Program
  • Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program’s Outdoor Recreation Account categories
  • Youth Athletic Facilities

RCO staff is working with interested groups to simplify and clarify the questions while maintaining the board’s interest in encouraging innovative and sustainable project designs. The board will consider a revised evaluation criterion at its January 2020 meeting for implementation in the 2020 grant cycle.

For more information please contact: Ben Donatelle

Emergency Rules

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