Thank you for your interest in applying for a grant. Before you begin, you might find it helpful to read this overview. Please refer to individual grant programs for specific application details.

The Planning for Recreation Access grant has a separate application process. Please visit that page for details.

Step 1: Choose a Grant Program

Choose the right grant program. (Already know? Go to step 2.) If you are unclear, learn more.

  • Make sure applications are being accepted this year.
  • Review the grant manual before beginning your application.

Step 2: Register with PRISM and SecureAccess Washington

Most of RCO’s grant programs require an online application in PRISM. To begin, applicants must sign up for a SecureAccess Washington account and request a PRISM account if you don’t already have one.

RCO will create a PRISM account for you, and your login name and temporary password will be emailed to you within two working days.

PRISM Double Sign In

When using either of these databases for the first time, applicants must complete a double sign-in.

  1. Using SecureAccess Washington credentials, login to PRISM.
  2. When redirected to the SecureAccess login page, enter the SecureAccess credentials.
  3. When redirected to a one-time PRISM sign-in page, enter the PRISM login credentials.
  4. The applicant will be directed back to the PRISM home page.

This double sign-in will happen only once. After completing the double sign-in, applicants will use SecureAccess Washington credentials to log into PRISM.


Step 3: Start your Grant Application

To begin, go to PRISM to access the Application Wizard and select “Get Started/Start New Application.” You then will be prompted to fill out several screens of information about your project.

On-screen instructions, tool tips, and links are available as you navigate through PRISM.

Applications are extensive and will require several hours to complete. You may return to the application as often as you need to complete it.

For Salmon Recovery Grants

Consult with your local lead entity coordinator to learn about application deadlines and requirements. Provide the lead entity with the following information to enter into the Salmon Recovery Portal:

  • Project name
  • Salmon Recovery Portal identification number if the project is already in the portal
  • Cost
  • Type and category
  • Project applicant
  • Start and end dates

Once the project information has been entered and submitted through the Salmon Recovery Portal, a PRISM project number is created. Use that project number to find the project in PRISM to complete the application in PRISM Online.

For the Family Forest Fish Passage Program Grants

Fill out the application on

Step 4: Complete the Application

Not every element of a grant application may be completed online. A finished application includes submitting items such as a letter of authorization from your city council or governing board, maps, and plans.

To-do lists, schedules, and an overview of the evaluation process may be found on the grant pages.

After you’ve submitted your application, an outdoor grants manager will review your application and contact you.

Step 5: Prepare a Presentation

Recreation and Conservation Grants

Most recreation and conservation grant programs require you to make a PowerPoint presentation to an advisory committee. The committee uses the evaluations and written materials to score your application. It’s important to have compelling pictures and scripts.

Salmon Recovery Grants

Each region or lead entity will have a small team of Salmon Recovery Funding Board Review Panel members assigned to review draft application materials and visit project sites. Applicants present during a local project site visit. After reviewing materials and conducting site visits, the review panel will provide input on how you may improve your project before the final application deadline.