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PRISM is an online computer system open to the public to apply for grants, review and manage information on funded grants, and produce reports about projects.

PRISM Online works best using the following Internet browsers: Edge, Chrome, Firefox, or Safari (Internet Explorer is NOT recommended).

If PRISM Online is not displaying correctly, please email and describe the problem and the Internet browser and version being used.

The system provides the following:

  • Information at your fingertips about proposed and completed projects
  • Online applications
  • Up-to-date information on the status of applications, contracts, and bills
  • Electronic storage of contract documents
  • Summary and detailed reports

Prism Components

PRISM Online

You may use PRISM Online to start applications, enter billings, submit reports, and review information on active and completed projects. First-time users may request a new account or watch training videos for tips on how to start an application, submit a report, or find other helpful information.

PRISM Project Workbench

You are not required to use the PRISM Project Workbench to complete grant requirements, but may choose to for the reporting features it offers. RCO staff use PRISM 2007 for numerous grant management activities.

Project Search

Project Search provides the public with the ability to see details on all grants submitted and funded by RCO. The information is real-time data and may be displayed in charts, lists, and maps.

User Accounts

To apply for grants or edit data, create a PRISM user account. Please read our privacy policy.

To just view data, use PRISM Project Search. This Web-based tool allows you to search for any project in the database by using the search criteria or the interactive map and then to view Project Snapshot.

Project Snapshot provides general information about RCO projects including funding, descriptions, location, metrics, milestones, attachments, and photographs.

You also may use PRISM 2007 to view project data. To do this, download and install the 2007 version on your computer and then check the “Read-Only” box on the LOGIN screen.


You may include documents in your grant application, such as photographs, presentations, reports, and videos. Below is a list of file types allowed and size limits.

File TypeFile ExtensionSize Limit
Microsoft Word.doc, .docx50
Microsoft Excel.xls, .xlsx50
Microsoft PowerPoint.ppt, .pptx 75
Portable Document Format.pdf 40
Images.jpg 10
Rich Text File.rtf 25
Text File.txt 2
Audio Video Interleave.avi 100
MP4 Video File.mp4 120
MPEG Video File.mpg 100
Windows Media Video.wmv 100
XML Paper Specification.xps 25


RCO tries to ensure that PRISM Online works with Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. Other Internet browsers have not been tested and may not present the Web pages correctly. If PRISM Online is not displaying correctly, please e-mail and describe the problem and the Internet browser and version being used.

Training Videos

Basic Navigation (8:50 Minutes)
This video provides a brief introduction to PRISM with details about navigating the home page.

Adding Attachments (2:04 Minutes)
This video demonstrates how to add attachments to an application and how to determine which attachments are required.

PRISM E-Billing Overview (51:31 Minutes)
Learn about how to submit a bill using PRISM’s electronic billing system.

Submitting a Progress Report (5:13 Minutes)
This video demonstrates how to start and complete a Progress Report in PRISM Online.

Introducing Property Module (5:01 Minutes)
This video demonstrates how to access the “Property” module and fix potential property issues when submitting a bill or a final report.

Mapping Properties (4:50 Minutes)
This video demonstrates how to map properties using the property mapping tool.

Submitting a Final Report (7:20 Minutes)
This video demonstrates how to start and complete a Final Report.


For assistance, contact us at the following:

Call (360) 902-3086
Telephone Relay Service for the Hearing Impaired (800) 833-6388.


E-mail with any feedback.