RCO is committed to promoting outdoor recreational facilities that are free of barriers and open to all throughout Washington.

RCO requires all grant recipients to follow the most current codes and standards for renovation and development projects. Where none exists, talk to your outdoor grants manager or the recreation accessibility specialist for help.

Making your project accessible to people with disabilities may be a simple as removing curbs or putting up the right sign to mark the designated accessible parking space.

Technical Assistance

The following information is provided as a service from RCO and may not be a complete list, nor is it intended to be an exclusive list of applicable provisions. It is the RCO grant recipient’s responsibility to follow all federal, state, and local codes, standards, regulations, guidelines, or provisions that maximize access for people with disabilities.

Consult the following guidelines, building codes, and enforceable standards when planning, constructing, or redeveloping outdoor recreational facilities.

  • The current, applicable state building code, as amended.
  • The 2010 Americans with Disabilities Act Standards for Accessible Design apply to almost all grants awarded by RCO for alterations or new construction projects. Visit the Access Board’s website for more details.

It is your responsibility to research and use the newest available building access codes and standards. If a conflict arises among any standard, guideline, model code, or best practice, refer to the one providing the most access for people with disabilities. When applicable, accessibility still is required if no model code or standard exists, unless there are specific exceptions.

The Department of Justice publishes technical assistance manuals and bulletins and may be consulted for the most current information or help.


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Barrier-Free Places to Play

Washington has many great outdoor places for people of all ages to play. For a listing, check out these websites: