Carbon Credit and Payment for Ecosystem Services

In January 2021, the Recreation and Conservation Funding Board adopted a policy to allow funded projects to enroll in carbon credit or payment for ecosystems services programs. These programs issue credits or direct payments to landowners for activities, such as land protection and tree planting, that reduce or prevent future carbon emissions. Income generated from the sale of credits may be used for stewarding and maintaining the property or to acquire additional conservation and recreation lands.

Sustainability Project Evaluation Criterion

Adopted in the following grant programs:

  • Boating Facilities Program
  • Land and Water Conservation Fund
  • Nonhighway and Off-road Vehicle Activities
  • Recreational Trails Program
  • Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program Outdoor Recreation Account
  • Youth Athletic Facilities

Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program

Climate Change

Salmon Recovery Funding Board

Board rule changes to capture roles and responsibilities of local and regional salmon recovery partners.

This new policy will enable targeted investments. Targeted investments are a new funding tool that may occur when the annual grant round is greater than $18 million. The policy includes priorities and criteria to guide these future investments.