RCO is a key player in helping Washington provide opportunities for outdoor recreation, whether it’s rock climbing, boating, hiking, or just relaxing in the great outdoors.

RCO Does This by Doing the Following:

  • Investing grants that build and renovate parks, trails, waterfront access opportunities, and other outdoor spaces.

Find Places to Recreate

While RCO doesn’t manage any facilities, its many partners do. Click on the links below to find places to recreate in Washington.


Washington’s trails map includes information on local, state, and federal trails. While still a work in progress, the interactive map represents nearly 12,000 miles of trails. You will find information about how long the trail is, what amenities you will find along the way, what the trail surface is, and what types of uses are allowed on the trail.


Find complete boating information on this portal Web site on the following:

  • Places to boat
  • How to register your boat
  • How to get a fishing license
  • Boating laws
  • Boating safety classes
  • Boating grants


RCO helps Washington protect its most valuable wildlife habitat and working farms and forests in a variety of ways.

  • RCO, through the Habitat and Recreation Lands Coordinating Group, coordinates with other state agencies on habitat and recreation land purchases to improve communication and visibility of purchases, reduce duplication, and save money.

Conservation Resources