RCO is home to the Governor’s Salmon Recovery Office and Salmon Recovery Funding Board.

It supports a coordinated effort by salmon recovery organizations, lead entities, regional fisheries enhancement groups, conservation districts, nonprofits, and state, federal, and tribal governments to restore and sustain salmon and steelhead and the habitats upon which they depend.

Saving Salmon for the Future

Washington’s salmon recovery network comprises a sustained, decades-long effort by thousands of people and the investment of hundreds of millions of dollars across the state to restore salmon and the clean water and land that sustain them.

The benefits are multiple for the:

  • Environment
  • Enjoyment and health of residents
  • Fishing-dependent economies, particularly in rural areas
  • Culture, particularly for the 29 federally recognized treaty tribes in Washington

State of Salmon

To learn more about how salmon are doing in your community, visit the Governor’s Salmon Recovery Office’s State of Salmon report.


Photo by Charles Espey