The federal Endangered Species Act requires the federal government to develop recovery plans for salmon determined to be at risk of extinction. At the heart of that work are regional salmon recovery organizations. They prepare locally based recovery plans, oversee and monitor implementation, and track and report on accomplishments.

Salmon Recovery is Locally Designed and Led

Regional organizations coordinate the work of hundreds of volunteers and professionals in each watershed to implement locally crafted recovery and sustainability plans to restore salmon. Regional organizations are made up of local, state, and federal agencies; tribes; and citizens. They coordinate their efforts through the Council of Regions.

Council of Regions

The Council of Regions includes the directors of the regional organizations established by statute or the Governor’s Salmon Recovery Office.

The council has no independent decision-making authority. It serves as an advisory body, providing information and recommendations to member regions, the Salmon Recovery Funding Board, and state and federal agencies about regional policies, implementation strategies, and monitoring coordination.

To learn more about the Council of Regions, contact chair Alex Conley at the Yakima Basin Fish & Wildlife Recovery Board, 509-453-4104.

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