In 1999, the Washington State Legislature created the Salmon Recovery Funding Board. The board provides grants to protect or restore salmon habitat and assist related activities.

Composed of five citizens appointed by the Governor, and five state agency directors, the board brings together the experiences and viewpoints of citizens and the major state natural resource agencies.

Salmon Recovery Funding Board Mission

The board provides funding for elements necessary to achieve overall salmon recovery, including habitat projects and other activities that result in sustainable and measurable benefits for salmon and other fish species.


  • Fund the best possible salmon recovery activities and projects through a fair process that considers science, community values and priorities, and coordination of efforts.
  • Be accountable for board investments by promoting public oversight, effective projects, and actions that result in the economical and efficient use of resources.
  • Build understanding, acceptance, and support of salmon recovery efforts.

Now Accepting Comments

The Recreation and Conservation Office is accepting public comments and feedback on the Watershed Restoration and Enhancement Plan Review Report. A draft of the plan was presented to the board in May 2023 (see report below). RCO will present the report to the board for a decision at the December board meeting, along with any comments gathered during the review period.

Please submit comments by October 13, 2023.  

Under the Streamflow Restoration law (Revised Code of Washington 90.94) the Salmon Recovery Funding Board is required to provide a technical review of the plan. The technical review should consider whether the actions in the plan, after accounting for new projected uses of water in the subsequent twenty years (2018–2038), will result in a net ecological benefit to instream resources in the Water Resource Inventory Area. The board is to provide any recommendations to the director of the Department of Ecology to consider. Ecology may amend the plan without committee approval before adoption. After plan adoption, the director of Ecology will initiate rulemaking for the plans. 

To meet this requirement, in 2022 the Recreation and Conservation Office convened a science panel of six regional experts to review the five unapproved plans. The full panel provided a report of their recommendations in May 2023 to the board. This includes specific technical information that the board may recommend Ecology add to the final draft plans. The review panel recommends minor revisions for each plan. Technical comments from the review panel were also compiled into a table to share with the Department of Ecology.