Agency Members

Ron Shultz

Washington State Conservation Commission

Kate Delavan serves as alternate.

Rick Schmel

Washington Forest Protection Association

Paul Wagner

Washington State Department of Transportation

Nikki Fields

Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission

Nick Norton

Washington Association of Land Trusts

Joe Kane serves as alternates for the Washington Association of Land Trusts.

Lora Leschner

Pacific Coast Joint Venture

Leslie Betlach

Washington Recreation and Parks Association

Leslie Betlach represents city government park planners.

Kaleen Cottingham

Washington Recreation and Conservation Office

Wendy Brown serves as the alternate.

Justin Allegro

The Nature Conservancy

John Gamon

Washington Department of Natural Resources

Jeff Parsons

Puget Sound Partnership

Heather Kapust

Washington State Department of Ecology

David Patton

Trust for Public Land

Cynthia Wilkerson

Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife

Julie Sandberg serves as an alternate.