For Release:
Contact: Susan Zemek
Washington Recreation and Conservation Office
Cell:  360-764-9349

Washington State’s Recreation and Conservation Office is asking people to help determine how funding should be spent by taking a survey about what kind of outdoor recreation they do.

The State is updating its statewide recreation and conservation plan, which includes a state trails plan, to unlock grants from the Land and Water Conservation Fund. This federal fund provides $6 million to Washington State to build parks and trails and to conserve wild areas.

“The plan and the surveys are a way for people, organizations and communities to tell us their visions for outdoor recreation in the state,” said Megan Duffy, director of the Washington State Recreation and Conservation Office. “This is really everyone’s opportunity to help shape the State’s investments in Washington’s outdoors.”

To take the survey or learn more about the planning process, visit the plan’s website. Survey takers will be entered into a drawing to win a Washington Discover Pass, which provides access to state public lands. The survey closes Nov. 14. The website also includes a “map your favorite place” survey that allows users to pin a point on a map and share photographs and information about why they like spending time there.

“We want to hear from people of as many different backgrounds as possible, people who regularly enjoy Washington’s outdoor and others who feel they don’t have as much access to public lands–everyone’s voice is important to us,” Duffy said. “We want to make sure that our funding decisions consider and reflect a diversity of opinions. It’s really important that everyone tell us what they want their outdoor places to look like in the future.”