Mind the Zone

RCO hired the Recreational Boating Association of Washington to provide boater education and outreach with the specific goal of preventing boat and airplane conflicts on Lake Union in Seattle during the summer. The report below summarizes that outreach. In general, the muti-faceted outreach work reached many recreational boaters and paddle sport enthusiasts, thereby limiting conflict on the lake.

Recreational Boaters’ Survey

What do boaters want? Read the results of a contractor’s survey of Washington boaters–kayakers to cruisers–about their priorities for state investments.

Implementing the Recommendations

The survey recommended that the Recreation and Conservation Funding Board use the data to guide its investments in boating facilities with the goal of ensuring grants go to projects that satisfy boater needs, address provider challenges, and respect the environment.

The report also found that boaters perceive some fragmentation of services and suggests that boating services providers better coordinate and communicate. Taking action, state agencies developed recommendations to improve their coordination of boating programs. Read the Improving Coordination of State Services to Recreational Boaters report.

Other Studies

Activities Supporting Recreational Boating in Washington, Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee report (2010)