The Nonhighway and Off-Road Vehicle Activities Program Advisory Committee evaluates grant proposals for projects that buy, develop, or maintain backcountry recreational areas or off-road vehicle parks. Projects also might educate trail users or provide law enforcement.


  • Live in Washington
  • Have an interest in public policy
  • Enjoy finding creative solutions and appreciate other perspectives
  • Have an interest in and experience with off-road activities

Time Commitment

  • 8-10 full days of in-person meetings in Olympia every other year
  • Policy feedback time commitment varies


Travel reimbursement including lodging, transportation, and meals is available.

Committee Members

Citizen Members

  • Chris Baldini, Nonhighway road, Spokane Valley
  • Nicole Sedgwick, Equestrian, Ravensdale
  • Crystal Crowder, All-terrain vehicle, Ridgefield
  • Dawn Erickson, Hiking, Darrington
  • Rosendo Guerrero, Nonhighway road, Puyallup
  • Yvonne Kraus, Mountain bicycling, Seattle
  • Jim Putman, Four-wheel drive, Puyallup
  • Aaron Theisen, Nonhighway road, Spokane
  • Nancy Toenyan, Motorcycle, Mossyrock
  • Holly Weiler, Hiking, Spokane

Local and Federal Agency Members

  • Paul Willard, Federal government, Chelan
  • Bryant Robinson, Local government, Spokane

State Agency Members

  • Nikki Fields, State Parks and Recreation Commission, Olympia
  • Patricia Jatczak, Department of Fish and Wildlife, Olympia
  • Tim Stapleton, Department of Natural Resources, Olympia


  • One all-terrain vehicle representative
  • One hiking representative
  • One nonhighway road representative

Term Length

4 years

General Resources