Outdoor Education and Recreation

The No Child Left Inside Advisory Committee evaluates applications for grants in the No Child Left Inside program.

These grants provide funding for outdoor environmental, ecological, agricultural, or other natural resource-based education and recreation programs serving youth.


  • Live in Washington
  • Have an interest in public policy
  • Enjoy finding creative solutions and appreciate other perspectives
  • Are interested in and knowledgeable about outdoor recreation and education


  • RCO will provide the training needed to evaluate grants
  • Stipends may be available to eligible committee members.

Time Commitment

  • Two to three days of virtual meetings every other year
  • Fifteen to thirty hours for written evaluation, completed remotely
  • Policy feedback time commitment varies


  • No current vacancies

Term Length

Four years

General Resources

2025 Dates

Evaluation Introduction MeetingJanuary 29
Tier One and Two Written EvaluationJanuary 29 – March 7
Tier Three Evaluation MeetingMarch 5 – 6
Results MeetingMarch 13

Committee Members

  • Raina Baker, Camp Beausite Northwest, Port Hadlock
  • Quena Batres, The Nature Conservancy, Bellevue
  • Kirk Beckendorf, Cascadia Conservation District, Wenatchee
  • Mackenzie Berg, Bellingham
  • Jaime Colling, REI, Seattle
  • Colin Fogarty, Confluence, Vancouver
  • Britnee Harvey, Oak Harbor
  • Rachel Heaton, Pacific
  • Linea Jantz, Spokane Valley
  • John Keates, Bellingham
  • James E King, McKinney Center for Community and Economic Development, Seattle
  • Chris Liu, Outdoor Asian, Seattle
  • Jennifer Papich, City of Spokane, Spokane
  • Carmetrus Parker, Tacoma
  • Lucy Portman, Seattle
  • Jacqueline Reyes, The Wilderness Society, Seattle
  • Chirag Sarao, Student, Bellevue
  • Stacey Selcho, Spokane Conservation District, Spokane
  • Esa Tilija, REI, Seattle
  • Jennifer Vickers, Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Tammy VuPham, Outdoor Asian, Redmond

State Agency Members

  • Leia Althauser, Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife, Olympia
  • Sarah Fronk, Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission, Olympia
  • Makaela Kroin, Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission, Olympia
  • Allison Lu, Washington Department of Natural Resources, Seattle
  • Elizabeth Schmitz, Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, Olympia
  • Yelley Taylor, Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission, Seattle