The Local Parks Advisory Committee evaluates application for grants in the Local Parks Category of the larger Washington Wildlife and Recreation Program. The grants provide funding to acquire, develop, or renovate local parks.


  • Live in Washington
  • Have an interest in public policy
  • Enjoy finding creative solutions and appreciate other perspectives
  • Are interested in and knowledgeable about buying or developing local parks


  • RCO will provide the training needed to evaluate grants
  • Stipends are available to eligible committee members

Time Commitment

  • Eight to ten full days of virtual meetings every other summer (even years)
  • Policy feedback time commitment varies

2024 Dates

Technical Review MeetingJune 3-7
Evaluation MeetingAugust 19-23
Results MeetingAugust 29

Committee Members

Community Members

  • Rebecca Bear, Seattle Parks Foundation, North Bend
  • Greg Duffy, Richland
  • Steve Gruenberg, Pasco
  • Dennis Litwin, University Place
  • Tracy Williams, Walla Walla

Local Agency Members

  • Stacie Barnum, City of Aberdeen, Aberdeen
  • Chaz Bates, City of Spokane Valley, Spokane Valley
  • Doug Coutts, City of Moses Lake, Moses Lake
  • Anne Henning, City of Othello, Othello
  • Cheryl Loeffler, City of Fairfield, Fairfield
  • Jill Meis, City of Lake Stevens, Lake Stevens
  • Roxanne Miles, Pierce County Parks and Recreation, Lakewood
  • Sylvana Niehuser, City of Olympia, Olympia

State Agency Member

  • Gen Dial, State Parks and Recreation Commission, Spokane